Unknown Land – Redline (CD EP – Unknown Land)

By Nov 24,2017

Genre/Influences: Ethereal-pop, electro-pop.

Background/Info: Unknown Land is the meeting between a Chileen singer/producer (Lucia Ponticas) and an Australian producer (Rob Bryant). They last year released the album “33°” which sound as a delicate and artistic music caress and which has been added as extra disc on “Redline”

Content: “Redline” features 5 new songs, which are characterized by sensual female vocals. The slow rhythm patterns create a perfect twist with the singer. The music has been accomplished by delicate treatments and beautiful sequences. You rapidly get the impression joining an ethereal dimension accomplished with electronic space treatments.

+ + + : Unknown Land is a band you really have to discover. I’m deeply impressed by the very personal approach of the band, which is an original mixture between sensual and somewhat ethereal vocals at one side and refined electronics at the other side. The three first tracks are worthy of examination. “Qualia” reminds me a bit of Elenna Fossi (Kirlian Camera, Spectra Paris) for the sensual and mysterious sound. I also noticed a great evolution in the global production process from the debut album towards this EP.

– – – : Both last cuts could have been a bit more elaborated. There clearly is a noticeable difference with the opening cuts, which are more accomplished.

Conclusion: Unknown Land is a real interesting discovery for its original sound and sexy vocals.

Best songs: “Foam”, “Qualia”, “Fractal”.

Rate: (7½).


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