Wieloryb – Semantik (CD Album – Hands)

By Jul 31,2016

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-trance, industrial, industrial-tribal.

WielorybBackground/Info: Wieloryb definitely is one of the most noticeable projects in the industrial avant-garde style. Hailing from Poland this formation has already released several productions. “Semantik” is the 4th official full length, which was already released on Hands.

Content: The main influence of Wieloryb clearly appears to be industrial music. This is a solid basis, which next serves to get mixed with some avant-garde influences, which sometimes are not that industrial-minded at all. It creates this industrial-modernism moving the work into hard-banging trance-industrial passages. This album features multiple cuts where hard-techno and industrial music has been merged together. The sound treatments are absolutely amazing revealing high tech production skills.

The debut part is absolutely overwhelming while we next get a few cuts which are more into ‘traditional’ industrial inspiration. The final part is already different and sounds like industrial-tribal music, which might remind you of This Morn’Omina. This is a more mysterious sound spiced with some Eastern influences and driven by shamanic rhythms.

+ + + : “Semantik” consists of 3 parts: you get a great trance-industrial debut revealing magnificent cuts followed by classical power-industrial works and a final industrial-tribal passages revealing a few more impressive tracks. Wieloryb clearly stands for intelligent and sophisticated industrial music made of brilliant sound treatments and a transcendental production. This is an album with several great songs.

– – – : My only regret is the somewhat average like industrial part featuring 3 cuts, which doesn’t deliver anything new.

Conclusion: If you’re in search of refreshing industrial productions, “Semantik” definitely sounds like a reference! This is a new master act by this inventive sound architect.

Best songs: “Behi Jessir – 44 Second Long Remix”, “Statistik”, “Crash Report – Dance Mix”, “Newo – Wieloryb vs. Selektronik”, “Organ”.

Rate: (8½).


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