Vlimmer – XIIIIIIII (EP – Blackjack Illuminist)

By Apr 11,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Wave, Dark-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD, Cassette.

Background/Info: It took five years to German artist Alexander Donat to accomplish this phenomenal EP-series featuring eighteen releases. Here’s the last part featuring five more songs.

Content: This new EP sounds like a perfect twist between Dark-Wave and Dark-Pop music. It stands for the imaginary German version of The Cure. Well, I don’t want to say Vlimmer is a cheap Cure emulation, but some of the songs are for sure reminding the band of Robert Smith. This new work is more Electro-driven although achieved with guitar playing and supported with melancholic moods.

+ + + : Vlimmer held the best of his work for the end. “XIIIIIIII” is a cool production featuring a great debut song “Mängelexemplar” and a few other cool cuts like “Vorwehen” and “Kern”. The last mentioned song has been progressively built up, holding on the listener’s attention for more than 10 minutes and featuring a scary, haunting final part. I also enjoy the melancholic touch of the work, which in a way became this artist’s trademark.

– – – : Even if “Kern” is cool apotheosis, the debut part of this song is a bit boring so it needs some time to really realize how cool this song sounds.

Conclusion: If this is the last Vlimmer-EP from this impressive series I hope it will be not the last Vlimmer production ever.

Best songs: “Mängelexemplar”, “Vorwehen”, “Kern”.

Rate: (8).





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