V/A Throne (DCD Album – Cold Spring Records)

By Jul 29,2013

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Genre/Influences: Noise, dark-ambient, neo-folk, experimental, industrial.

Bands: Kreuzweg Ost, Heldentod, Nordvargr, Steven Severin, Sutcliffe Jügend, Von Thronstahl, Z’ev, Prurient, Merzbow, Sagittarius ao.

Content: Cold Spring is releasing fewer samplers, but this DCD is a perfect opportunity to (re)discover the fine roster of the English label. Thirty three names have been featured bringing a view on the recent, and the past, releases of the label devoted to dark-ambient, experimental, noise, neo-folk and average styles.

The 1st disc takes us on a very eclectic journey crossing different influences and music styles, but confirming the leading status of Cold Spring as a pure underground independent label. I noticed a very solid epic piece by Kreuzweg Ost and the irresistible industrial-trip hop of the gay project Hirsute Pursuit feat. Boyd Rice (Non).

In the dark-ambient style there’s a great piece by Satori. Sutcliffe Jügend goes a step further exploring the iciest and most tormenting ambient spheres. A few more noticeable tracks have been featured by Rose Rovine E Amanti (for all neo-folk lovers) and C.C.C.C. (for the noise freaks).

The 2nd disc moves towards heavier noise fields opening with harsh pieces from Goatvargr, Z’ev and Skullflower appearing to be a real noise alchemist. The terror of noise goes on with projects like Prurient, Wicked King Wicker, South Saturn Delta and Sistrenatus.
Darkness reigns over the terrific piece featured by Deadwood. In a quieter and neo-folk style Cages is a noticeable band on the sampler, which also injected a touch of ethereal. Sagittarius is recognized and praised project in the neo-folk style and they here bring a poignant ballad-styled piece. The collaboration between Nordvargr and Merzbow is another great moment, which moves into experimentalism. Last, but not least there’s a neo-classical inspired final track by Anni Hogan.

Conclusion: Label-owner Justin Mitchell is an old servant of the underground scene. Over the years he has never stopped signing established names dealing with extreme forms of music while he also had a nose for new talents. “Throne” is perfectly summarizing the different styles of music released under the Cold Spring flag.

Best bands: Kreuzweg Ost, Hirsute Pursuit feat. Boyd Rice, Heldentod, Sutcliffe Jügend, Skullflower, Deadwood, Cages, Sagittarius, Fire In The Head.

Rate: (Elise Din:8/9)ED. /


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