Uncreated – Leaving Now (EP – Conzoom Records)

By Jul 27,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Patrik Hansson who’s known as Vanguard member unleashed the debut-album “Eternal” of his electro-pop solo-project Uncreated last year . The album plus several EP’s were all real good surprises. With “Leaving Now” Hansson serves us an appetizer for his next album “Symbiosis”. Robert Enforsen (Elegant Machinery) and Helena Wigeborn (Train To Spain) contributed as guest singers to this EP. 

Content: Next to the title song -featuring Robert Enforsen plus 4 remixes, this EP also features another song featuring Enforsen, one song featuring Helena Wigeborn and 3 more songs.

The title track is a catchy electro-pop track with a cool melody line. “Fast Forward” featuring Helena Wigeborn sounds even more catchy. Among the other new songs I heard a mix between melancholia on “Ta Över Nu”, sung in Swedish and the harder, but still melodic side “I Was Wrong”. “Pushing Borders” featuring Robert Enforsen is a soft cut.

Remixes have been made by Vanguard, Electro Spectre and Caisaron while there also is a cool “Extended Remix” of “Leaving Now”. The last song is a kind of outro with the matching title “The Last Goodbye”.

+ + + : Patrik Hansson has created next to Vanguard a real promising electro-pop project. This new EP only features new stuff and the contribution from guest singer of Robert Enforsen for sure is a noticeable element. But there’s also something to say about Helena Wigeborn who’s an interesting vocalist as well. The title song is cool, but I definitely prefer the somewhat more elaborated “Extended Remix”. Another cool cut is the harder beating “I Was Wrong”. Among the remixes I want to mention the punchy edit of Vanguard. Uncreated sounds more electro-pop driven than Vanguard revealing Hansson as a talented melody maker.

– – – : I expected a bit more from the other song featuring Robert Enforsen while the remixes by Electro Spectre and Caisaron don’t really add a bonus.

Conclusion: Uncreated confirms its strong potential revealed at “Eternal” so this is possibly a new Swedish electro-pop sensation.

Best songs: “Leaving Now – Extended Remix”, “Leaving Now”, “I Was Wrong”, “Fast Forward”, “Leaving Now – Vanguard Remix”.

Rate: (8).


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