This Morn’Omina – The Roots Of Saraswati (Album – Dependent Records)

By Jun 9,2021

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Genre/Influences: Tribal, Industrial, Trance, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info:  Four years after the “Kundalini Rising”-album, This Morn’Omina strikes back with a new opus and a new line-up. Karolus Leroq left the band he was involved with since the album “L’Unification Des Forces Opposantes” (2011). Core member Mika Goedrijk welcomed Scott Fox (Ivardensphere) to complete the quartet. Mika Goedrijk and Scott Fox last year already worked together unleashing the self-titled debut album of And Void.

“The Roots Of Saraswati” is –once again, inspired from Hinduism and has different meanings; it’s a Goddess, but also the name of a River with some mysterious power, but also a term used for scholars and seekers of truth. The common thread between it all is an element of flowing and profound transcendence, which has been transposed into this work. Notice by the way the album is also available as a double disc –limited edition, featuring extra tracks.

Content: The sound of the Belgian Tribal formation –now reinforced by a Canadian member, is quite easy to recognize because there’s not many projects composing this kind of music. It sounds more Tribal than ever before, this essential aspect of the production being reinforced by the power and magic of different real percussions. This element never has been that explicit. The main difference and I dare to say innovation is the impressive orchestral arrangements revealing a Cinematographic style, which comes pretty through in different tracks. While This Morn’Omina added vocals on its previous work, they now got back to spoken samplings adding an extra mysterious touch to the work. If you’re familiar with the band’s work, you for sure will recognize the Trance, rousing passages, blasting sound treatments and boosting kicks.

+ + + : This Morn’Omina has already released an impressive discography, but it’s unbelievable to realize this project can still take me by surprise. From a pure technical point of view this album deserves more than simply a mention; the production excels in perfection while I can imagine it’s not that easy when recording real percussion. But This Morn’Omina –probably because of Scott Fow’ addition, also renewed some elements of its sound, the heavy orchestral arrangements being very present and revealing a new path to explore. I’m also impressed by some blasting sound treatments, remaining the band’s trademark.

– – – : I don’t see major minus points about such a ‘tour de force’ although I can’t say it’s the album featuring the most potential hits.

Conclusion: This work stands for a top notch production; an absolute must have for lovers of Tribal-Trance-Industrial music.

Best songs: “People Of The Serpent”, “Nadisti Sukta”, “The Nothing Space”, “The Mangoose King”, “Naous”.

Rate: (9).


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