The Orb announce livestream ‘This Is Not Here’ gig + remix album ‘Abolition of The Royal Familia – Guillotine Mixes’

By Nov 19,2020

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The Orb announce livestream'This Is Not Here' gig + remix album'Abolition of The Royal Familia - Guillotine Mixes'

On 19th December, The Orb will perform their first livestreamed gig – titled This Is Not Here’. The event will feature visuals by AV company Holotronica, who’ll project augmented reality images onto invisible gauze.

“The set will be 40 minutes ambient, 40 minutes weird reggae, and 40 minutes deep techno with weird transitions in between. We’ll be playing mainly the last 2 albums, and maybe a couple of old faves too. I’ve played thousands of gigs, but doing a live stream is back-to-school for me. We’ll be playing as live as possible. Expect happy accidents – definitely not mistakes,” says Alex Paterson

In addition to the gig, on April 9th The Orb release a companion piece to recent studio album “Abolition of The Royal Familia” with the “Guillotine Mixes” collection. The new compilation’s concept echoes back to 1991’s “Aubrey Mixes: The Ultraworld Excursions”, which is a collection of versions predominantly by people who featured on the original “Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld” album.

“Guillotine Mixes”, features reinterpretations of tracks from artists including Youth, Moody Boys, David Harrow, Andy Falconer, Paul Metamono and Gaudi. Longstanding On-U Sound collaborator and producer Dave Harrow for instance delivers two deep trance cuts with “Daze” and “Narcotics” while Tony Thorpe’s production outfit and former KLF in-house remixers Moody Boys serve up a bass-heavy remix of “Queen of Hearts”.

Here’s the video for “Daze’ – David Harrow Remix (BLM Remix23)”.

The LP concludes with a brand new Orb track – the digital-only bonus “Off The Beaten Trax”.


  1. Daze’ – David Harrow Remix (BLM Remix23)
  2. Queen of Hearts’ – Moody Boys Remix (Duck or Drown)
  3. Ital Orb’ – Gaudi Remix (Iron Chair)
  4. Narcotics’ – David Harrow Remix 2 (Head Crusher)
  5. Slave Til U Die’ – Andy Falconer Remix (Water Boarding)
  6. Hawk Kings’ – Lost Stoned Pandas Remix (Pear of Anguish)
  7. Honey Moonies’ – Paul Metamono Remix (Burnt at The Stake)
  8. Weekend’ – Dom Beken & Kris Needs Remix (The Judas Triangle)
  9. Pervitin’ – Violeta Vicci Remix (The Saw Torture)
  10. AAA’ – Violeta Vicci Remix (Hung, Drawn and Quartered)
  11. Shape Shifting Pt. 1’ – Youth Bring in The Clown Remix
  12. Off The Beaten Trax’ (Knee Splitter)

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