Synapscape – A Mutual Disagreement (EP – Ant-Zen)

By Aug 9,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-techno, rhythmic -noise. 

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: The last Synapscape album (cf. “Still”) was already released nearly two years now ago. Philipp Münch and Tim Kniep are back on track unleashing four new cuts of their Synapscape project.

Content: Synapscape explores the harder fields of techno music while holding on to good-old industrial elements. They mixed it all with acid sequences, which are mainly emerging at the surface of the opening cut. Two tracks are featuring harsh vocal parts by Tim Kniep, which are perfectly matching with this kind of production –although not many artists are using vocals when it comes to industrial-techno.

+ + + : When I hear a project like Synapscape, which is already active for more than a quarter Century experimenting with new styles or simply transposing existing genres into a very personal adaptation, I can only, but express my respect. The way they bring industrial (and rhythmic-noise) together with hard-techno and acid music is absolutely phenomenal. But it’s more than simply a fusion between different genres, it also becomes a fully styled, intelligent and accomplished production. The vocals are also adding a nice little extra on top of two songs.

– – – : When I hear such a brilliant production featuring only 4 cuts I can only regret it’s not a full length album. But who knows, this is maybe a teaser for a greater work?!

Conclusion: Synapscape has experimented with different influences during the past twenty five years and they’re clearly not ready to stop with this sonic voyage. “A Mutual Disagreement” is a terrific industrial-techno release!

Best songs: “They’ll All Be Gone”, “What Are We Doing”, “Related Belief”.

Rate: (8½).

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