Snowbeasts – Energy (Album – M-Tronic)

By Jan 11,2021

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Genre/Influences: IDM, Electro-Industrial, Trance, Minimal-Electronics.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Raab Codec and Elizabeth Virosa are now active for several years as Snowbeasts. Bothg American artists are still involved with other common projects such as Obscure Formats, Pattern Behavior and Mon >O< Taur. The band’s discography is already quite impressive while they this year added a new album “Energy” released on M-Tronic.

Content: “Energy” takes off with a rather wafting and mysterious track featuring female chants reminding me of the imaginary call of sirens. Quite progressively the work becomes sophisticated and into pure IDM. Industrial sound treatments and slow rhythms joined by other female chants and spoken-like vocals are noticeable elements of the album. But there also is an explicit Trance-approach, which is created by dark, repetitive sequences and bouncing beats. The work becomes cold and ending a more minimal-like way.

+ + + : “Energy” is an album that took me by surprise leaving me sometimes breathless. The tracklist is meticulously built up, taking off with mysterious spheres, but slowly reaching in the midst of the album a total state of Trance; a pure sonic orgasm emerging at “Rebirth”. This song is a true masterpiece, one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year. The deep, resonating sound blasts, which sound like a horn, create a Trance/Ritual effect. A somewhat similar impression is also reached on the next song “At Least I Have My Heart”. Elizabeth Virosa’s spoken-like and sterile kind of singing accentuate the global sensation of mystery, trance and rite. After these both amazing songs the album moves towards more minimal-like impressions, which are still intelligently written by great vintage sound treatments.

– – – : There are no minus points about this album; it’s just regrettable this project remains pretty unknown for a wider audience.

Conclusion: “Energy” is a fully accomplished piece of intelligent Electronic music composed by artists who still take care to create their own sound and style.

Best songs: “Rebirth”,“At Least I Have My Heart”, “Kanashibari”, “Glass Souls”, “Entity”, “The Storm Inside”.

Rate: (9).


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