Sevit – On The Edge Of A Darker Place (Album – Inclub Records)

By Jul 23,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cold-Wave, Dark-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Sevit is an American formation, which last year released its debut album.

Content: The band claims to be inspired by The Cure and that’s an aspect, which comes through on several songs. The sound of this band is definitely inspired by the great 80s Cold-Wave genre, but don’t expect a new clone of The Cure. It’s just an influence serving as basis to some tracks, but Sevit also injects a more personal touch to their work. The songs are accomplished by Electronic sounds and arrangements on top of the guitar playing. One of the songs features robotic vocal parts, which is another more personal approach.

+ + + : Sevit doesn’t try to innovate, but transposed some 80s standards into a personal production. The songs reveal a great balance between guitar and Electronic treatments. I also like the dark mood hanging over the tracks, which in the end becomes pretty melancholic. It resulted in a great song entitled “WarChest”. I also have to mention “Bleed”, which is a track featuring surprising, but cool robotic vocal parts.

– – – : I noticed a few monotone tracks, “A Light That I Can’t Save” being probably one of the few deceptions of the record.

Conclusion: Sevit is an interesting newcomer, which will for sure appeal to all lovers of 80s Cold-Wave music.

Best songs: “WarChest”, “Bleed”, “Love Or Madness”.

Rate: (7).

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