Sans-Fin – La Fin De La Nuit (Album – Hands)

By Aug 23,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-Techno, Dark-Techno, Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: “La Fin De La Nuit” (translated “The End Of The Night”) is the fifth full length album by Leipzig based project Sans-Fin. This German solo-project is driven by DJ Hells who released his second album on Hands.

Content: The previous work sounded to me as an interesting exposure of Ambient and rhythm. The new songs moved a step further and became harder, infused by Dark-Techno and mind-blowing Industrial rhythms. Quite progressively the Dark-Techno influences are coming through while icy sequences accentuate the obscure side of the composition. A few softer passages sound like they are connected with the previous, ambient-driven work of the artist. The last track is a heavy, club-driven remix of the debut song by Blac Kolor.

+ + + : The previous album was interesting, but this one reveals mind-blowing passages. The sound of Sans-Fin has been injected with a naughty sonic blast called Dark-Techno and mixed with heavy Industrial rhythms and other elements. I like this approach and especially the icy sequences. “Courant Continu” and “Se Ruiner” both are overwhelming pieces revealing the true potential of the project. The songs have been accomplished with great sound treatments. I also have to mention the amazing and intelligent remix of “Conduire” by label mate and sound genius Blac Kolor.

– – – : Some parts are a bit repetitive, but the very few cuts that couldn’t totally convince me are the softer, ambient ones.

Conclusion: “La Fin De La Nuit” reveals the best side of this project, which has found the sound formula to mix Industrial and Dark-Techno.

Best songs: “Se Ruiner”, “Courant Continu”, “Conduire – Blac Kolor Remix”, “Destruction”, “Fermé”.

Rate: 8.


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