Rustblade to release Black Sabbath’s ‘Rarities & Demos’ as deluxe gatefold double vinyl

By Oct 13,2020

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Rustblade to release Black Sabbath's'Rarities & Demos' as deluxe gatefold double vinyl

Out now is Black Sabbath’s “Rarities & Demos” deluxe gatefold double vinyl. These 2 LPs contain the first Black Sabbath singles with alternative versions and outtakes.

Black Sabbath were an English rock band formed in Birmingham in 1968 by guitarist Tony Iommi, drummer Bill Ward, bassist Geezer Butler and vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. They are often cited as pioneers of heavy metal music but are also considered to be the band which recorded the first ever ‘Goth-rock’ record, namely “Black Sabbath” (1970). “Paranoid” (1970), and “Master of Reality” (1971) further shaped their legacy and sound.

The band had multiple line-up changes following Osbourne’s departure in 1979, with Iommi being the only constant member throughout its history.

Track list:

LP 1 – Black Sabbath (s.t.)

  1. The Rebel
  2. When I come down
  3. Black Sabbath
  4. The Wizard
  5. Evil Woman
  6. Early one morning
  7. Behind the wall of sleep
  8. N.I.B
  9. Wicked World

LP 2 – The Last Judgemant

  1. Evil Woman
  2. Wicked World
  3. Black Sabbath
  4. Let Me Love You Baby
  5. Blue Blooded Man
  6. N.I.B. (Alternative Mix)
  7. Behind the wall of sleep (outtakes)
  8. Warning (pt.1 outtakes)
  9. Sleeping Village (intro alternative mix)

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