Ruined Conflict – Dying Light (EP – Infacted Recordings)

By Sep 26,2020

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Genre/Influences: Future-pop, EBM.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Xavier Morales aka Ruined Conflict clearly is a prolific artist. While his last full length album was released in 2019 he’s already back on track unleashing new stuff. “Dying Light” features four new songs plus two remixes.

Content: The title song opens the EP in a rather solid way, mixing the power of EBM and the melodic side of future-pop music. The vocals are a bit harder than what we’re used to hearing while there’s an elevating choir passage joining in at the end of the song. The next song is pure future-pop while “Solitude” coming up is what I should call a ‘classical’ Ruined Conflict song.

“Solitude” has been remixed by Rob Dust and Lykard. The last cut is the instrumental “6.000 Miles From You”. This song reveals a pure atmospheric approach with a melody line reminding me of OMD.

+ + + : I often compared Ruined Conflict to VNV Nation, but let’s be serious; this band sounds in constant progress while VNV Nation is clearly over its top. This EP confirms a great song writing, mixing harsher EBM elements together with the typical, elevating melody lines in the future-pop vein. The title song is a perfect exposure of this sonic fusion, but the real title track is “Solitude”. It sounds darker and menacing while still holding on to the melodic side. Both remixes by Rob Dust and especially the darker, bombastic approach of Lykard both are noticeable cuts.

– – – : Ruined Conflict doesn’t really change its sound formula so it’s the single reproach I can make… but who cares when the result is constantly progressing.

Conclusion: If you like solid and modern future-pop music you for sure like this new Ruined Conflict EP!

Best songs: ‘”Solitude”, “Dying Light”, “Solitude – Lykard Remix”, “Solitude – Rob Dust’s Big Beatz Remix”.

Rate: (8).

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