Rhys Fulber – Resolve (EP – FR Recordings)

By Dec 15,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Ambient, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital

Background/Info: Rhys Fulber (Frontline Assembly, Delerium, Conjure One, Will, Noise Unit ao) is back with a new EP under his own name. Previous works –mainly released on Sonic Groove, revealed the Technoid skills of Rhys Fulber. “Resolve” is meant as the first EP in a series and also is the debut release on Rhys Fulber’s own label FR Recordings.

Content: Even if most previous productions were into Techno-Body music, Rhys Fulber also showed some Ambient influences. “Resolve” can be defined as pure Ambient, a dark sonic trip, which is touching ground with Cinematographic music. The work features 4 songs and has been progressively built up. You’ll also notice the more elaborated “Disused” featuring sampled voices in the background and creating a ghost-like effect.

+ + + : Rhys Fulber is a kind of ‘chameleon’ musician, who can transpose himself to write different styles of music genres. The Ambient approach is not new in his career (even FLA composed Soundtrack music), but this is a different approach. It’s dark, sometimes achieved with Technoid soundsculptures and still reminding me of some Ambient pioneers. The opening cut “Charleroi” is directly inspired by the Belgian city, which is a grey area of abandoned metal industry while the city became also famous because it was there where murderer Marc Dutroux lived. And by the way, it also is the hometown of à;Grumh. It’s a nice wink to the Belgian fans of Rhys Fulber. I however prefer the already mentioned “Disused”, which is finely elaborated with great sound treatments. Both last cuts reveal a kind of dark, inhibited reverie, definitely accentuating the electro-ambient approach of the work.

– – – : “Resolve” is an easy listening work, quite accessible, but definitely not the most exciting production I’ve heard from this sound guru.

Conclusion: Rhys Fulber goes Ambient revealing an intimate, electronic production that sounds as the perfect soundtrack for an imaginary movie.

Best songs: “Disused”, “Charleroi”.

Rate: (7½).

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