Rare VNV Nation transparent clear vinyl of ‘Empires’ available – 200 copies only

By Jan 19,2018

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Donate and keep us up and running! Thanks!

Rare VNV Nation transparent clear vinyl of'Empires' available - 200 copies only

First of all, let me thank you Sebastian K. from Audioglobe for what is without any doubt THE funniest read I had this week when your mail ended up in my mailbox.

But back to the topic of this news, VNV Nation. A few years ago, two vinyl editions were released by VNV Nation of the band’s third album “Empires”. One on black vinyl, and one on transparent/clear vinyl in exclusive/different artwork.

The transparent/clear vinyl was close to impossible to find, because there were simply no copies put into circulation due to some unknown reason. That is until today. 200 copies of the clear vinyl have finally surfaced.

You can order this transparent/clear vinyl right here, but be extremely fast!


  • A1 Firstlight
  • A2 Kingdom
  • A3 Rubicon
  • A4 Saviour
  • A5 Fragments
  • B1 Distant
  • B2 Standing
  • B3 Legion
  • B4 Darkangel
  • B5 Arclight

In further news, VNV Nation’s “Automatic” is now also available on double vinyl with 2 bonus tracks.



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