PulsR – Dreary Land (Album – PulsR)

By Aug 13,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic-EBM, Industrial.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: “Dreary Land” is the second album by German artist Pascal R. Guzik aka PulsR. The album features nine tracks.

Content: The composition is entirely instrumental, which creates this Cinematographic effect. It however isn’t a classical production in the genre as PulsR injects Industrial sound treatments, slow rhythms and a few EBM-driven sequences to his work. I also noticed darker atmospheres and a transcendental passage.

+ + + : The least I can say is that “Dreary Land” doesn’t sound stereotypical. Pascal R. Guzik tries to create a sonic osmosis between different influences. The result is diversified, although centered around Cinematographic influences. The somewhat harder “Asked For It” is a noticeable cut for its dark mood, but I also have to mention “Your Bones” featuring Industrial noises and Trance structures. Last, but not least “More Cake!” is an efficient Cinematographic mix between Industrial and EBM. 

– – – : A few vocal lines or spoken samplings could be a bonus on a few tracks while some cuts are missing elaboration.

Conclusion: It feels a bit like PulsR is still searching for his own sound, but there are some cool ideas running through this album.

Best songs: “Asked For It”, “Your Bones”, “More Cake!”.

Rate: 6.




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