Pulse – Adjusting The Space (Album – NRT-Records)

By Jan 2,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, Cyber-Metal.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Pulse is an Austrian formation, which this year their second full length album. There’s a hiatus of five years between the debut album “Extinction Level Event” and this new work.

Content: After an instrumental debut track, which reveals a mix of Electronic ideas, Pulse rapidly moves into their sound, which can be defined as ‘Neue Deutsche Härte’. This is a typical German sound dominated by Metal-driven guitar parts and Electronic arrangements. Some songs are clearly reminding Rammstein for the guitar power and electronic melodies. The work also features a few more instrumental cuts, now carried by psychedelic elements and then becoming pretty space and ambient-like. One of the last songs is a cover version of the famous “Major Tom” originally composed by Peter Schilling.

+ + + : This production reveals a band with a mature sound composition. The style is not innovating and in the purest tradition of German Electro-Metal music, but Pulse has for sure the potential to conquer this scene. Their best cuts are the ones reminding me of the sound formula of Rammstein; “We Won’t Come In Peace” and “New Elastic Freak”. There’s also something to say about the cover edit of “Major Tom”, which is for sure a great song to play live.

– – – : The main point with this album is that it sounds like many others in the genre. I’m missing a kind of proper sound DNA.

Conclusion: You can feel this album is an ambitious project, but is it enough to gain a wider recognition? Time will tell, but you better can keep an eye on Pulse.

Best songs: “We Won’t Come In Peace”, “Major Tom”,  “New Elastic Freak”

Rate: (6½).

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