Pieter Vermeyen – Hygge (CD Album – Wool-E-Discs)

By Jul 27,2018

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, ambient, neo-classic.

Background/Info: Belgian Pieter Vermeyen joined Wool-E-Discs contributing to the ‘Belgian NeuMusik’ series devoted to ‘ambient’ music in the largest sense of the word. Pieter Vermeyen previously released a 4-track production (cf. “Inuit”) and now delivers a work with 7 tracks.

Content: “Hygge” moves much further than simply ambient music. It rather sounds like an imaginary soundtrack mainly composed with piano. Vermeyen indeed is a pianist although he clearly has a fascination for field recordings while you also will notice a saxophone part plus a second piano (both played by guest musicians) on one of the songs. The piano also creates a neo-classic feeling, which might remind some piano composers from early 20th Century. Several songs also feature whispering-like vocals sung in Dutch. It has something spooky. The original titled are in Danish, but translated in English.

+ + + : “Hygge” is a work made of reverie, but still revealing a kind of sadness. It makes me think to a sort of experimental chamber music of the modern times where the piano is the main instrument and has been joined by experimental elements such as field recordings and vocals while you also will notice a slow, linear kick on one of the cuts. The piano is next to this transcendental invitation also pure emotion. “Hygge” is a beautiful album.

– – – : This is probably the most unique work in the “Belgian NeuMusik”-series I’ve heard. It comes closer to soundtrack music and might appealing for a different audience. I think it’s the kind of production you can’t imagine without a visual accompaniment.

Conclusion: “Hygge” stands for beauty and emotion, but also as a challenge in this ambient series created by Wool-E-Discs.

Best songs: “Turde”, “Orke”, “Taenke”.

Rate: (7).

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