Over and out with Grooveshark – good riddance

By May 4,2015

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In the past few weeks we were planning an article on the demise of the illegal music platform Grooveshark, the service which has threatened us with legal steps in the past due to Side-Line reporting that it was close to stop its services. We had received internal mails which showed that the service was knowingly doing illegal things for their own profit.

But we won’t have to publish these mails now as the service has itself pulled the plug under pressure of lawsuits.

Ironically, the illegal service which has been piggybacking on the work of many labels and artists for many years making millions of euros in profit, is now saying that they made a mistake by not securing licenses from rights holders. Strange, that was exactly what we planned to write and for what they wanted to sue us a few weeks ago.

Good riddance.


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