Orange Sector – Vorwärts Nach Weit (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

By Jul 29,2013

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Content: Twenty years after their astonishing debut-CD “Faith” the German EBM duo from Hannover has unleashed their 10th studio album to date. The previously released EP “Der Maschinist” was a solid teaser to introduce this new work, but the entire album is worthy of examination.

I get the feeling that Orange Sector went back to their early years standing for solid EBM. The debut part of the album brings the retro-style of the band back alive. “Mein Kreuz” followed by the title song and “Alles Dreht Sich Im Kreis” are old-styled EBM tracks driven by a huge doses of testosterone. It’s years ago Orange Sector had that impact on me, but this clearly sounds like merciless EBM.

On “Take My Pain” they even experiment with pure hardcore rhythms. The song is fast and furious, but not exactly the way we prefer to hear Orange Sector. “Der Maschinist” remains pure Orange Sector-like and still sounds great. “Tränen In Der Tiefe” is another noticeable song on which the duo also shows their great care for alluring sounds. There’s an amazing raw synth part running through this cut. “Frequenzangriff” is the last song of the ‘regular’ album and we here again get all the ingredients this album has been made of: power, fast EBM sequences, a danceable kick and commanding vocals.

The songs have been sung in English and German, which is a quite useful formula of Orange Sector. It seems that they wanted to mainly deal with their hometown Hannover, which is not that useful, but original.

After the 12 songs we also get 4 remixes, which unfortunately don’t stand for the best chapter of this CD. The remixes bring some diversity compared to the original versions, but never excel in a similar way.

Conclusion: Since the comeback of Orange Sector in 2005 this full length definitely is the best they ever made. It feels like reanimating the early years characterized by the albums “Faith” and “Flashback” but with an extra contemporary touch on top. One of the best EBM albums of the past few years!

Best songs: “Mein Kreuz”, “Vorwärts Nach Weit”, “Der Maschinist”, “Alles Dreht Sich Im Kreis”, “Frequenzangriff, “Tränen In Der Tiefe”.

Rate: (DP:8/9)DP.

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