Noiseconcrete x 3CHI5 – Trip For Mystery And Pursuing / With Our Own Words (Single – Ant-Zen)

By Jan 4,2021

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Genre/Influences: Glitch, IDM.

Format: Digital, Vinyl (7”).

Background/Info: This work is a collaboration between Japanese artists; there’s the music created by Junji Ono aka Noiseconcrete while female singer 3CHI5 is doing the vocals. Both artists have already released a few previous works on the Japanese label SSSM (run by Hiroshi Hashimoto aka Contagious Orgasm).

Content: This work features 3 compositions. Especially both debut cuts are catching the attention for the mix of influences and ideas. It makes me think of a sonic hybrid between Glitch and IDM driven by slow rhythms and featuring female vocals in Japanese. The rhythm has something sensual, which is accentuated by the vocals while the music is hard to catch. The last track is a very short one, kind of outro.

+ + + : The sound is hard to grasp, but it has something original. The Japanese vocals by the mysterious 3CHI5 are fitting to the music. I especially like the sensual aspect of the work created by the slow cadence. It’s a dark and sexy production, both main songs being a cool discovery.

– – – : It’s just a pity we only get 3 songs from this project and the last one is just a forgettable outro.

Conclusion: I’m used to discovering complex and less accessible Noise projects from Japan, but this new production is definitely something different; original and refreshing!

Best songs: “With Our Own Words”.

Rate: (7½).


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