Mythos – Jules Verne Forever (CD Album – Groove Unlimited)

By Jul 3,2015

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Genre/Influences: Synthesizer music, electro-ambient, krautrock, soundtrack.

MythosContent: Berliner based musician Stephan Kaske became a rather familiar artist in our reviews section. This synthesizer lover is a pioneer in the genre, but still a reference if you like this kind of music.

This new work is an interesting concept inspired by the novels of Jules Verne. The title clearly indicates the idea behind this opus, which has been transposed into music by the composing skills of Kaske. Next to his arsenal of synthesizers he also used laser harps, flute, mellotron and vocoder to achieve his work.

The sound universe of Mythos is dominated by instrumental compositions with a strong visual appeal. And that’s precisely what I like at this new work as the stories of Jules Verne are filled with fantasy creating a perfect match with the krautrock style of Mythos.
This is a total space-like sound universe revealing an impressive arsenal of sound sources, but especially a typical vintage touch. Mythos brings me back to the late 70s and early 80s experiments of other pioneers in the genre while with some real good imagination you can really re-discover the world of Jules Verne. Titles like “The Mysterious Island” and “Five Weeks In A Balloon” both are just examples of compositions getting us back to the sci/fi universe of this unique writer. You feel a bit like a passenger of the Nautilus in search of unknown and distant treasures. You feel like you are moving from the oceans to the air by the simple strength of Mythos’ evasive music. The sound is warm, but sometimes a bit intriguing.

The songs have been accomplished by orchestral arrangements while typical analogue sweeps and deep, vibrating bass lines will for sure bring you back to fascinating, but distant times of electronic music.

Conclusion: I especially like the concept dealing about Jules Verne, which sounds like a perfect match with the sound of Mythos.

Best songs: “The Ice Sphinx Adventure”, “A Drama In The Air”, “Mighty Orinoco”, “Eight Hundred Leagues On The Amazon”.

Rate: (DP:7)DP.

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