Moya81 – Sensoria (Album – ScentAir Records)

By Nov 12,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital, CDR.

Background/Info: After the 2019 promising mini-album “ESP” we now get the first full length from the Chile project Moya81. The album features nine songs and claims to be inspired by different music genres like Electro-Pop, but also New-Beat, Italo-Disco and EBM.

Content: “Sensoria” sounds a little bit different than the ESP-release. I experienced this work as less varied although it remains a crossover of different Pop-related music genres. The astral sound treatments remain of the project’s main characteristics. The robotic vocals parts accentuate this space-like dimension although there’re also multiple passages with clear vocals. Among the different influences I noticed some Cinematographic passages and that’s especially because of the typical bleeps reminding of video games ao. Other songs are experimenting with Minimalism while I also noticed one more Techno-orientated cut. One of the songs (cf. “Plus”) was originally released on “ESP” and reworked for this album.

+ + + : “ESP” was definitely one of the best ScentAir productions I heard and “Sensoria” only confirms the potential of this artist. The sound is a bit different and I should dare to say maybe not that original as “ESP” although it remains a creative and fascinating experience. “Personal Connection” is also an ‘old’ song, but has been remarkably adapted into a refreshed edit featuring fine, bleeping sequences and a nice twist between robotic and clear vocals. But the real surprise of the work is the minimalism running through “Amor” and “Trom”, which in a way stands for the visionary side of the band. “Trom” also has a kind of Technoid implant, which makes the track even more interesting.

– – – : There are numerous space effects running through the album, but it sometimes feels a bit abusive, these effects being not exactly the most convincing element of the production.

Conclusion: I definitely prefer the previous work of Moya81, but this album however sounds like a creative and efficient production revealing a personal vision in Electro-Pop music.

Best songs: “Personal Connection – Sensoria Mix”, “Trom”, “Amor”, “Digital World”, “108”.

Rate: (8).


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