Mortiis unveils ‘Doppelganger’ video, 1st single from ‘The Great Deceiver’ LP

By Oct 6,2015

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Mortiis unveils'Doppelganger' video, 1st single from'The Great Deceiver' LPMortiis has unveiled the video for “Doppelganger,” the first single from the upcoming “The Great Deceiver” album. The video was directed by Robyn Van Swank with Nick Plotquin and is Mortiis’ reaction to what he calls “years of being artistically held back by record companies that shied away from the graphic content that visually sums up Mortiis’ music”.

“I always thought that was ridiculous,” Mortiis said. “We wanted to make videos that people would notice, that would cause a reaction, something they wouldn´t forget as soon as the next video came on. I always thought that if our music or imagery pissed someone off, or made them want to puke in their mouths that would be a way better reaction than indifference.”

Mortiis will return Stateside this month for a month-long warm up tour in preparation for the release of “The Great Deceiver”.



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