Mind Machine – Clouds Of Doubt (Digital EP – Mind Machine)

By Dec 12,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: American electro-pop formation Mind Machine struck back this year, releasing their first album in twenty four years. The song “Clouds Of Doubt” was one of the major songs from the album, which they now have released as EP/single title song.

Content: The EP features 5 songs. Among the list you’ll rediscover the “Album Version”, which is a ‘classic’ electro-pop song carried by a solid chorus. Mark Kendrick known under the Fused moniker achieved 3 remixes. Next to the so-called “Fused Sacred Remix”, he also features a “12” Remix” and a “7”  Remix”. Last, but not least you also will discover a “Piano & Strings Version” from “Hundred Thousand Million”, which is another look back to the previously released full length.

+ + + : “Clouds Of Doubt” is a good choice to get released as an EP-title song. The work accomplished by Fused is adding a little extra and especially the “Fused Sacred Remix” sounds great –and even better than the original version. I also have to say a word about the great vocals by singer Brian Belknap.

– – – : The remixes aren’t exactly that different from each other. But what I’m really missing is a “Club Remix”.

Conclusion: This EP is a nice addition to the album featuring one of the best songs from “Return Of The Machine”.

Best songs: “Clouds Of Doubt – Fused Sacred Remix”, “Clouds Of Doubt – Fused Sacred 12” Remix”.

Rate: (7).



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