Mesh-remix of latest Covered in Snow single ‘Glasgow Smile’

By Jun 11,2021

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Mesh-remix of latest Covered in Snow single'Glasgow Smile'

Out today is Covered in Snow’s latest single “Glasgow Smile” remixed by Bristol’s finest electronic act Mesh.

The Swedish synthpop duo of Mikael Engström and Tom Hedlund have this to say about the track which was already released in its original version earlier this year: “This song is about a depopulated town. About someone who moved, someone who stayed, and someone who no longer exists. About the urge to show that one has become someone. About the fear of losing direction. About the longing for something better. For us, this song is more than just synthpop. It is what we stand for, where we come from and where we are heading.”

The Stockholm act was formed in 2017 when longtime friends Tom Hedlund and Mikael Engström ended up living in the same town for the first time in years. Their first single, “Spaceboy”, was released just a few months later and featured two tracks which were originally written for their previous, discontinued project, Shallow Sense.

Since then Covered in Snow has released one EP and several singles which have been featured on the radio in several countries as well as on Swedish national television.

In 2021, Covered in Snow will release six new songs. “Glasgow Smile” is the second one.

You can check out the Mesh remix below.


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