MediaData – Adore Resurrect (CD Album – Aliens Production)

By Nov 26,2019

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, electro-ambient, IDM, experimental.

Background/Info: 2019 clearly appears to be a prolific year for Denis Vasiliev. He released several EP’s and now strikes back with a new full length featuring ten tracks.

Content: The EP “Impulsiveness” released on Aliens Production as well was more into IDM while the “Adore resurrect” sounds clearly more versatile and taking off with explicit cinematographic passages. The opening cut is featuring female, ethereal chants while the upcoming tracks remain instrumental versions. “Adore Resurrect” invites the listener to visit an electronic sound universe bringing prosperity. The songs have been driven by a slow rhythm. Quite progressively the IDM influence is getting back at the surface, revealing a more familiar sound and exciting passages. The tracks are sophisticated and the atmosphere is darker. The last track is a surprise for its bombastic format and acid-like sequences.

+ + + : The album reveals two distinguishable pats and I definitely prefer the second one for its sound intelligence and sophistication. MediaData reveals brilliant sound treatments and a perfect balance between electronics and something authentic created by classical instruments (at least that’s the way it sounds) like piano and cello. “Lisboa” and “Vibrant” both are great exposures from this Russian composer.

– – – : I like the input of chants at the opening song “Uncontrolled” creating an ethereal aspect, which should have been interesting to hear in more cuts. The album is a bit versatile, which is not really a point, but I’m not totally convinced by some of the cinematic passages in the beginning of the opus.

Conclusion: This album perfectly symbolizes the music taste of Aliens Production and especially the second part of the work is worthy of examination.

Best songs: “Lisboa”, “Vibrant”, “Who Sleeps He Sees Only The Dreams”, “Uncontrolled”, “Roaming”.

Rate: (8).


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