Massive Ego – Church For The Malfunctioned (CD Album – Out Of Line)

By Jun 27,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark electro-pop, wave-pop.

Background/Info: UK band Massive Ego centered on the charismatic ‘Marc Massive’ is already active for several years now, but the real breakthrough happened two years ago. The band joined hands together with Out Of Line and released the successful album “Beautiful Suicide” featuring their ‘old’ hit “I Idolize You”. Massive Ego is now back on track revealing 14 new songs. The album is also available as DCD featuring an extra disc with remixes and fan-stuff.

Content: The new work moves on there where “Beautiful Suicide” stopped. The influences are pretty similar, mixing elements from good old 80s wave-pop together with a darker and more contemporary touch. Some (sampled?) guitar riffs can be heard now and then like injecting an extra boost to the electronic composition. I also noticed a more EBM-driven song, which is a cover version of And One’s famous “Military Fashion Show”. Two more noticeable songs are “Kill The Conspirary” for featuring Chris L.  (Agonoize, Sexorcist, Darkness On Demand ao) and “Point Of No return” featuring Auger.

+ + + : Massive Ego is a band with a great and charismatic singer! Marc’s particular, captivating timbre of voice is a real lust for all electro-lovers. But Massive Ego also is a band with a proper sound, mixing 80s influences together with dark-pop and an EBM touch. The songs have been accomplished with great, carrying leads and perfect, danceable kicks. A good song needs a great chorus and here again Massive Ego has found the secret formula to entertain the masses. There are several noticeable songs featured, but I want to mention “Fallen From Grace”, which has been empowered by some guitar riffs. Another attention grabbers are “Digital Heroin” and “Killing For Gods”. Last, but not least, it also is a real tour de force to release an album featuring 14 (!) captivating cuts!

– – – : My only regret is that this new work doesn’t feature a new “I Idolize You”! This song had a huge impact on me and it will be not easy for Massive Ego to compose a ‘bigger’ hit!

Conclusion: “Church For The Malfunctioned” confirms the talent of Massive Ego; they have the look, but also a great sound!

Best songs: “Fallen From Grace”, “Digital Heroin”, “Killing For Gods”, “Point Of No Return”, “The Last Sunrays In June”.

Rate: (8).

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