Lolita Komplex – The Greatest Show On Earth (CD Album – Dark Tunes)

By Jan 5,2016

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Genre/Influences: Metal, rock-metal.

Lolita KomplexContent: Lolita Komplex was set a few years ago now by ex-Sanguis Et Cinis member Eve Evangel. The band was completed by adding a few more members and finally joined Echozone to unleash their debut-album (cf. “La Cabaret Des Marionnettes”). I was impressed by their surprising cover-version “All The Things She Said” (originally sung by the pop-duo T.a.t.u.), but we had to wait 2 more years to discover this new opus.

Lolita Komplex deals with a rather familiar kind of metal and rock-metal music. The production is fully accomplished and you can hear that there’s a real maturity behind this production. I was mainly impressed by the guitar, which I think is one of the main elements when you’re involved into metal music. But Lolita Komplex also reveals a rather funny or should I dare to say crazy side, which comes through on several songs. That’s for sure their rock attitude, which might be even considered as a little bit punkish.

The hardest cuts driven by merciless cadence and heavy guitar riffs. The vocals by Eve- and Nana Evangel create a delicious fusion between male- and female vocals, which are like symbolizing the evil and the beauty. The band has a strong image and a solid sound as well, but even if this album is quite accomplished they’re missing a few songs from which you can’t escape. I think it would have been a good idea to put “All The Things she Said” on it. I liked this version for the hard metal influences mixed with a kind of sweet-pop element. I’m nearly sure that this album will be more acclaimed on stage than on CD!

Last, but not least I’ve to mention a real great remix by Samsas Traum front man Alexander Kaschte who transposed “Masquerade” into a furious version (cf. “Symphonic Version by Alexander Kaschte”).

Conclusion: I expected a bit more out of this new opus by Lolita Komplex. I like their name and their image is really interesting, but they are not adding anything new to the rock-metal style.

Best songs: “One In A Million”, “Hide And Seek”, “Masquerade – Symphonic Version by Alexander Kaschte”.

Rate: (Elise Din:7)Elise Din.

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