Llovespell – Places (CD Album – Wrotycz)

By Oct 26,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electro-dub, lounge, experimental.

Background/Info: Llovespell (aka Stephan Spreer) set up Llovespell in 2002. Nearly all of his work got produced by  Sonderübertragung! The bands last productions (cf. “One” and “Two”) were released on Sea State (which became the successor of Sonderübertragung!) on cassettes. “Places” brings both cassettes together on CD format plus a few previously unreleased songs.

Content: The sound universe of Llovespell has something magic and clearly evasive. The electro-dub/down-tempo style is pretty chill-like and gets the listener into an instant feeling of reverie. A few voices have been sued as an extra effect to the sound. It’s totally space-like and still a little less experimental.

The album reveals 3 previously unreleased songs, which are in a similar vein as “One” and “Two”.

+ + + : I’m afraid I’m now always objective when it comes to ‘dub’-inspired work. I like the sensual side of dub music, which is caused by the low vibrations and down-tempo rhythms. Especially the first tracks from the album are driven by these two essential elements, but more globally, “Places” also is a high-tech production revealing styled songs and multiple great effects. It also is quite surprising to see Wrotycz releasing this work, but it also reveals the open-minded horizon of the Polish label more devoted to ethereal music.

– – – : Some cuts are pretty short and that’s sometimes a pity. It creates a somewhat unaccomplished sensation.

Conclusion: “Places” has a real strong power to get connected with the music and simply forget all your troubles. This is a great sonic therapy!

Best songs: “Scale Me”, “Detachment”, “The Line”, “Outside”, “Untitled 19”, “Night Shop”.

Rate: (8).


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