Line Spectrum – Bruma (CD Album – Glacial Movements)

By Oct 14,2019

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Genre/Influences: Soundscape, experimental, dark-ambient. 

Background/Info: Behind Line Spectrum is hiding Oleg Puzan. This Ukrainian artist got some recognition under the Dronny Darko moniker, releasing multiple releases on Cryo Chamber. 

Content: Line Spectrum is something completely different from Dronny Darko. The work is pretty soundscape-related, definitely more intimate and experimental as well. Aquatic field recordings are coming together with crispy noises while a stormy atmosphere is hanging over the work. 

+ + + : The main strength of the work emerges from the visual appeal, which sounds at its best with the song “Ways”. It’s the kind of recording, which will really shine when joined by a visual performance or imagery. Oleg Puzan reveals himself as a collector of noises using field recordings to create the particular universe of “Bruma”. It’s the kind of work that might appeal for lovers of improvisation. The best way to discover this work is using headphones to fully notice the multiple details. 

– – – : It all sounds a bit too abstract to me. The tracks are a bit similar while never really reaching an ultimate point. 

Conclusion: Oleg Puzan revealed another side of his creative brain, which is more into experimentalism and soundscape music. 

Best songs: “Ways”, “Fabric Merge”. 

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