Larva – Mundos Subterraneos (Album – Advoxya Records)

By Apr 28,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Larva is already active since the late 90s. The Spanish project driven by InqUesT’ and assisted by ‘Anoxia’ has already released an impressive number of productions, becoming one of Advoxya Records’ flag holders. “Mundos Subterraneos” was already released a while ago, and it’s the latest Larva album to date.     

Content: Larva hasn’t lost its influences over the years although the global production became a bit different. I often experienced Larva as the Spanish answer to Suicide Commando; dark-icy electronics mixed with enraged vocals. This opus took some distance with the early sound of the band, becoming a more atmospheric production. There’s a dreamy element hanging over the songs while the melodies sound like expressing melancholia.  The vocals however remain harsh and enraged. It creates a certain duality, but in the end it remains Larva. I get the feeling this album is more a kind of soundtrack-inspired work.

+ + + : A few songs from the album remain faithful to the ‘classical’ Larva-sound, but globally speaking “Mundos Subterraneos” is a step towards new sonic –or different sonic horizons. I like the melancholia emerging from the melody lines, creating the most intimate Larva-work ever. The band took me by surprise, revealing subtle and refined sound treatments. “No Soy Yo” sounds like the ultimate song for an imaginary soundtrack.           

– – – : The production of the vocals still has this constant expression of shouting rage. It’s a familiar Larva-element although maybe a bit too harsh for the music of this work.

Conclusion: I never expected Larva composing a sensitive work; even if it remains dark and tormented, this album has something emotional!

Best songs: “My Old Demons”, “No Soy Yo”, “Guilty”, “Vidas Derribadas”, “Gritos Que Solo Las Paredes Oyen”.

Rate: (8).

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