Larva – Desolation Road (Album – Advoxya Records)

By Jul 28,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: The Spanish Larva duo consisting of ‘InqUesT’ and ‘Anoxia’ are now terrorizing the dark-electro community for more than twenty years. “Desolation Road” must be their ninth official studio album featuring thirteen new cuts.

Content: I often have compared Larva to Suicide Commando although the past few years saw the band evolving towards a more personal and elaborate sound. “Desolation Road” might be seen as the apotheosis of this evolution. The songs are meticulously composed, carried by great synth lines and often driven by a slower tempo. The real harshness emerges from the vocals, which are mainly in Spanish, but you’ll also notice a few English sung songs. The global sphere hanging over the work became more present –and important, than the power of the tracks. This album will make you dance, but it also dives into melancholic pieces as well.

+ + + : The sound formula of Larva hasn’t changed that much throughout the years, but the main difference hides in the global production process and the songs becoming more sophisticated and less powerful. Larva remains a band that will make you dance, but it’s no longer a dancefloor killer. This work also reveals more atmospheric pieces built up with great, dark synth lines. The songs are still featuring numerous Spanish spoken vocal passages, which in a way also reinforce the dark and somewhat mysterious sphere hanging over the album. Larva remains dark and tormented, but there also is something emotional in this album and that’s rather rare for this kind of production.

– – – : The harsh vocals remain a typical characteristic from the Larva production, but sometimes it all sounds a bit exaggerated. It’s hard to understand the lyrics.

Conclusion: It’s hard to say if this is Larva’s best album to date, but it for sure is the best produced opus in the band’s wide discography. Larva has found its own sound and style.

Best songs: “Falsa Realidad”, “El Decorado De Mi Fracaso”, “Solo Soy Un Recuerdo”, “Tan Alto”, “Burbuja de Cristal”.

Rate: (8).

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