La Mécanique – Dernier Voyage (CD Album – Cold Transmission Music)

By Jun 9,2019

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Genre/Influences: Cold-wave.

Background/Info: La Mécanique is the sonic brainchild of Canadian musician Francis Nothingwater. He set up this project in 2016. La Mécanique was featured on a few samplers and has now released its debut album “Dernier Voyage”.

Content: One of the project’s particularities is that all songs have been sung in French. It’s not that unusual, but it definitely creates a particular touch. Sound-wise the songs are driven by good-old cold-wave elements mixing deep bass lines, melancholic guitar playing and electronic arrangements. A few songs have something catchy.

+ + + : La Mécanique has found a comfortable home to release its music. This band totally fits to the Cold transmission spirit. There’s a perfect balance between guitar and electronics although the songs remain first of all driven by the dark-resonating guitar play. The obscure lyrical content creates a perfect twist with the music. I enjoyed the electronic treatments reinforcing the darkness recovering this work, but still injecting a mysterious touch.

– – – : The sound formula is quite similar for all tracks so in the end this album is maybe missing a little diversity, but I’m not complaining.

Conclusion: One of the album’s songs entitled “Isolation” perfectly stands for the atmosphere hanging over this work: this music stand as a sonic metaphor for solitude and depression!

Best songs: “Ballade D’Ennui”, “Lingchi”, “Blablabla”, “Isolation”, “La Tempête”.

Rate: (8).




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