LA industrial act Fleischkrieg unleashes new video for the single ‘Reach’

By Jul 7,2021

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LA industrial act Fleischkrieg unleashes new video for the single'Reach'

The LA based industrial band Fleischkrieg has launched their brand new video for the single “Reach”. The song features fellow goth/industrial artist Nuda and will appear on the forthcoming album, “Herzblut”, due out October, 2021.

Here’s what the band says about the concept of the album: “The album, Herzblut as a whole is about how we’re always fighting a war of some kind for both our physical, mental & emotional survival. There are a lot more layers to this struggle than most realize. Every day is a “fleshkrieg” (flesh war) if you think about it. Something or someone is always trying to steal our natural resources of mind, body, and spirit. I hope the album inspires people to know they’re not alone in this battle, and that the search for the truth should be ever-present in their lives.”

Fleischkrieg released “Fool’s Folly”, the first single and music video off their debut album “Herzblut” a while back. The band will release a new single and music video in September and October to promote the album’s October release.

Here’s the video for “Reach” featuring Nuda.

About Fleischkrieg

Fleischkrieg Richard Cranor (vocals, synth), Thomas Crawford “Ceraphym” (guitar), Nick Mason “Living Dead Drummer” (drums) and Kaylie Cortez “Nuda” (keyboard, synth).

The band is the result of a chance encounter between a video producer moonlighting as an Uber driver and a drunk passenger having a party weekend in Seattle. The driver, Richard Cranor, and the passenger, Thomas Crawford, talked about Rammstein, industrial metal, and purchasing equipment for their industrial metal solo careers and after Rich attended Tom’s next show, he ended up shooting a music video for him. In exchange, Tom tracked guitars for three of Rich’s songs.

When an opening act dropped out of a show in which Tom was involved, he contacted Rich to do the opening set. Rich agreed with the caveat that Tom play guitars, and so Fleischkrieg was formed.

The band, currently based in L.A., cite Rammstein, DK-Zero, 3TEETH, and Lord of the Lost as musical influences.


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