KPT – Sequel (CD EP – Give/Take)

By Mar 5,2019

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Genre/Influences: IDM, experimental, deep-techno.

Background/Info: KPT (pronounced as ‘kept’) is an American project I never heard of before. It seems like an album entitled “Blk Eye” was released in 2016, this EP December 2017 (!) and the single “Fluid Bonded/Disarm” in 2018. It’s a bit strange to have gotten this production a long time after its release, but it’s an opportunity to discover a promising artist.

Content: “Sequel” was composed for a short film. It features the title track plus 4 remixes. I discovered a somewhat IDM-inspired track, driven by a slow rhythms and featuring industrial sounds.

The remixes bring a real diversity to the title song. From the bombastic “Deathdance Mix” to the experimental “Makr Mix” to the more elaborated “Sweet Boys Mix” to the deep-techno like “DJ Esp Woody McBride Mix” this EP has a lot to offer.

+ + + : “Sequel” is an interesting title song, which is experimental, but accessible. I like the industrial sound treatments and the global minimalism of the song. The remixes bring a real great diversity and I especially recommend the “Deathdance Mix” and “DJ Esp Woody McBride Mix”.

– – – : I wanted to hear more songs so I had to visit the Bandcamp page of KPT and I was not deceived. There’s a noticeable minimal touch inspiring this artist.

Conclusion: KPT is an easy name to keep in mind and I definitely want to hear more new stuff from this project. This EP stands for a nice twist between different influences.

Best songs: “Sequel – Deathdance Mix”, “Sequel”, “Sequel – DJ Esp Woody McBride Mix”.

Rate: (7).

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