Belgian idm project Kilmarth releases video for ‘M-Fia41’

By Aug 13,2021

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Kilmarth releases video for'M-Fia41'

The dark ambient / idm project Kilmarth has just published the video for “M-Fia41”. The project enlisted the Bulgarian video artist Daniel H. to create this urban abstract video. The Belgian project is also announcing the release of a very limited audio cassette for the next few months. It will be a special edition of the last EP “Derrière le miroir”

About Kilmarth

Kilmarth is the solo instrumental project of Cedric Wattergniaux who has been active in the dark music scene since the early 90’s. First as writer for various fanzines until he started writing for our very own Side-Line magazine up until a few years ago.

The project debuted in July 2017 with the 3-track single “The End of Humanity”, followed by the 1-track single “InkrapinbbaN” in March 2018 before releasing a first EP one month later, “Catharsis”, which was also released on CD.

Two years later, in July 2020 a new single was released, “The White Willow”, followed by the “Derrière le Miroir” 6-track EP.


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