Kadaitcha – Tar (Album – Ant-Zen)

By Aug 8,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, electro-acoustique.

Format: Digital, Cassette.

Background/Info: Kadaitcha is a Ukrainian duo, which has now been active since 2015. The duo claims to ‘explore organic aspects of the noise, post-industrial and archaic aesthetics’. They released a few productions so far while “Tar” was originally released last year (digital and still on cassette format) and now re-released by Ant-Zen.

Content: “Tar” is a universe of noises and sonic manipulations. You’ll notice guitar riffs, which together with different noise sources create an apocalyptic vision. You now and then will notice spoken- and ghost-like vocals. The tracklist is quite diversified and Kadaitcha never lose themselves into a pure noise experience. They experiment with other influences instead, resulting in a track with a kind of didgeridoo sound. It injects a mysterious touch to the work.

+ + + : Kadaitcha is an original project in a music genre, which is hard to define and followed by a rather restricted number of artists. That’s precisely what makes the strength of this album. But I also like the diversity of the tracklist. They indeed explore different aspects of noise, but still take care to add some extra elements like slow rhythms, vocals (now spoken and then more theatrical-like) and ambient sound sculptures. “Eclipse” is one of the most unusual tracks from the work, but still a truly attention grabber for its mystifying sound approach created by a didgeridoo-sounding noise.

– – – : Kadaitcha remains an extreme experience, which will mainly appeal for noise- and experimental lovers.

Conclusion: “Tar” is a somewhat abstract sonic universe conceived by Ukrainian experimentalists. It sounds like music from another dimension or who knows the sound of the future…

Best songs: “Eclipse”, “Ran”, “Yatagarasu”.

Rate: (6½).


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