Jowisz / H.ø.s.t. – Ages Of Determination (CD Album – Spatha Production)

By Jun 5,2019

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Genre/Influences: Martial, dark-ambient, industrial.

Background/Info: “Ages Of Determination” is a split release featuring two Polish projects dealing with dark-military music. They both previously released some solo-productions.

Content: Inspired by W.W.I. Jowisz takes off with 4 tracks. We’re clearly entering into a military sound universe dominated by sampled noises from the battlefields, folk songs and National hymns. This atmosphere has been supported with dark sound treatments.

H.ø.s.t. doesn’t sound that different in sound and global approach. We now can recognize extracts from speeches by Churchill, Hitler ao. And here again this terror atmosphere has been reinforced by dark noises and sound treatments.

+ + + : I’m not always a huge fan of split-releases, but both bands clearly share a common interest and music approach. You even get the impression to hear the same artist. The composition has a strong visual appeal of the horror on the battlefields while it also has something disturbing. But in the end that’s precisely the effect we expect when listening to this kind of work.

– – – : Both projects reveal very good ideas and an accomplished production, but I’m missing a climax.

Conclusion: Imagery can be shocking, but when music stimulates the brain to create a very own imagery it can even become more shocking. This is an interesting split release between two noticeable Polish projects.

Best songs: “The Franco Prussian War”, “Siege 1944”, “Niedobschütz 1945”.

Rate: (7).

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