Italian dark folk act Corde Oblique returns with ‘The Moon is a dry bone’

By Apr 24,2020

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Italian dark folk act Corde Oblique returns with'The Moon is a dry bone'

The dark folk, ethereal, darkwave, neoclassic, experimental act Corde Oblique returns with a brand new album, “The moon is a dry bone”. The 7th studio album by Corde Oblique includes 11 unreleased songs written and produced by Riccardo Prencipe and also includes a cover from Anathema.

For the occasion the project worked with such guest musicians as Rita Saviano, Edo Notarloberti, Umberto Lepore, Alessio Sica, Luigi Rubino, Michele Maione, Carmine Ioanna, Caterina Pontrandolfo, Denitza Seraphim, Maddalena Crippa, Sergio Panarella, Andrea Chimenti and Miro Sassolini.

You can listen to the release below.

From Corde Oblique to music for the italian national TV braodcast RAI

Corde Oblique is the artistic project directed by M.tro Riccardo Prencipe and was founded in 2005. Since 2005 the band has released 7 full-lenght albums with different labels. Over the years the Corde Oblique albums have featured a lot of guests musicians, some of them from the following bands: Anathema, Daemonia Nymphe, Officina Zoé, Spakka Napoli, Synaulia, Spiritual Front, Argine, Ashram, Pinknruby, Gothica, Hexperos, Mediavolo and Dwelling.

Before Corde Oblique was formed, Riccardo started in 1999 with his first band Lupercalia with whom he released a first album with the English label World Serpent. Riccardo has also been writing music and lyrics for other musicians.

Riccardo Prencipe also wrote the soundtrack for the DVD-documentary “I Longobardi del sud” attached to the catalogue of the exhibition in Rende (CZ) in 2008. His music was also used as the soundrack for the italian national TV braodcast RAI.


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