Filth Pig – Mental Dead Ends (Digital Album – Filth Pig)

By Dec 5,2017

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-metal, punk, electronics.

Background/Info: German solo-project Filth Pig (named after a Ministry album) is back on track unleashing a second self-released opus. The roots of this band are clearly metal-like, but “Mental Dead Ends” is an album composed with only electronics.

Content: If the album is entirely electro-like I really swear that I heard furious guitar playing matching with the speed tempo of the work. Samplings and different sound manipulations can also create this guitar impression and I must say it remains one of the band’s main ingredients. But there also is a move towards new sonic horizons like punk and even a cinematographic experiment. The vocals remain harsh and zombie-like, which is another legacy from metal music.

+ + + : “Mental Dead Ends” sounds more personal in sound and that’s a rather positive evolution after the very Ministry-like debut work. The punk touch is quite unexpected, but an interesting element to move on with. The electronic parts create a ghost-like impression and that’s another interesting evolution to move on with. The best electronic sounds have been featured on the final cut and that’s definitely the path Filth Pig has to walk on.

– – – : In a way you can hear Filth Pig is not an experienced electronic artist. The songs became quite predictable after a while featuring similar electronic sounds and treatments.

Conclusion: Filth Pig unleashes a more personal work although it’s less convincing than the debut work. But I think this is the right path to move on with.

Best songs: “Fall Into Alexithymic Opiates”, “Dissolved In Ethanol”.

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