Fiction 8 – Constructive Interference (CD Album – Fiction 8)

By Sep 10,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-wave, gothic.

Background/Info: After last year’s successful album “The Bleak Disease” Fiction 8 planned to release an EP. It finally turned out in a sort of new album featuring remixes from songs featured at the last album, but also remixes from one of the band’s greatest songs (cf. “Let Go”) and two new cuts.

Content: “Constructive Interference” sounds in the continuation of “The Bleak Disease”. It’s a stylized production where electro-wave elements have been mixed with a few more danceable vibes. Remixes have been made by Interface and Probe 7 while Fiction 8 has remixed 4 songs themselves. Both new songs are teasers for the upcoming full length.

+ + + : This album, which in the end is a kind of EP creates a sonic bridge between the past (cf. “Let Go”), the present (songs from the last year released album) and the future. I like the danceable and club-friendly remix of “Let Go” by Interface while the so-called “Final Cut”-remix is pretty cool as well for its carrying chorus. It’s cool to get 2 new songs as well giving us an idea about the further work of Fiction 8.

– – – : I expected a bit more out of the new songs.

Conclusion: This work is excellent addition to “The Bleak Disease” while it’s a good idea to have recovered “Let Go” from dust, which was originally written twenty years ago now.

Best songs: “Let Go – Interface Remix”, “Let Go – Final Cut Remix”, “Persephone – Remix”, “Sentimental Casualty”.

Rate: (7).




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