Feu Follet – Le Champ Des Morts (CD Album – Blackjack Illuminist Records)

By Dec 24,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-wave, new-wave, experimental.

Background/Info: Feu Follet is a French solo-project from the Lorraine region. That’s important to mention as the titles of the album reflect some folklore from that region. This album is also available on cassette.

Content: Feu Follet doesn’t deal with a clear music style. The global sound approach and especially the analogue electronics are getting us back to the 80s, but there also is a kind of dreamy and experimental touch hanging over the songs. The main part and songs remain instrumental versions, but you’ll notice a few vocal parts. Electronics and guitar have been used to compose the songs.

+ + + : “Le Champ Des Morts” (in English “The Field Of The Dead”) has something refreshing. It’s an easy listening opus with a few songs revealing potential. I especially recommend “Mi-Bête Mi-Foret” revealing cool synth lines mixed with guitar play. More globally I like the retro synth sounds, the deep bass lines and the dry snares, which are all elements clearly driven by the 80s spirit.

– – – : I’m missing vocal parts on this album. There’re a few, but generally speaking you sometimes get the impression listening to a demo where the singer still has to add his voice.

Conclusion: The vintage style of the production is interesting, but there’s no real accomplishment. This album must be the basis to move on!

Best songs: “Mi-Bête Mi-Foret”, “La Queue Du Loup”, “La Dame Des Eaux”.  

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