Enzo Kreft – Wasteland (CD Album – Enzo Kreft)

By Nov 8,2017

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electro, new-wave.

Background/Info: Enzo Kreft (real name Eric Vandamme) is a Belgian artist who started his music activities and who after a long break is getting back to music for a couple of years now. He struck back with a retrospective album plus a new album. “Wasteland” is his newest opus, which has been self-released.

Content: “Wasteland” is comparable to the previous full length “Turning Point” and yet there’s a noticeable evolution in sound. Next to the electronic minimalism, which often reminds me of Fad Gadget, the new songs are more into a new-wave tradition mixing electronics and guitar. The composition remains carried by the 80s spirit featuring pure vintage sound treatments, but “Wasteland” definitely shows another side of Enzo Kreft.

“Wasteland” is also characterized by noticeable lyrics revealing an engaged artist reflecting political-, social- and ecological themes.

+ + + : First of all I’m a huge fan of this artist’s DIY attitude. It reminds me of the real spirit of the 80s and Enzo Kreft definitely is a ‘child’ from that decade. But I also remain fascinated by the artist’s artistic creation, mixing different elements resulting in an offspring between minimal electronics and more classical new-wave. Some of the songs make me think to Fad Gadget meeting The Neon Judgement. Another noticeable aspect consists of the vocals production, which sounds more diversified and sophisticated.

– – – : I’m missing the minimalism of “Turning Point”, which was more explicit and more unique. “Wasteland” is probably a bit more accessible covering a wider spectrum of influences.

Conclusion: There are artists who are emulating the 80s and you’ve artists such as Enzo Kreft who simply belong to the true spirit of the 80s. “Wasteland” is a well-crafted piece of music, which I’m sure, will find its audience in the underground scene.

Best songs: “Off World Colonies Anthem”, “Poisoned”, “Roadkill”, “Abandoned Power Plant”.

Rate: (8).




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