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By Sep 11,2020

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electro, electro-wave.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: eNIB is the solo-project from Echoes Of silence singer ‘ NiB EoS’. “Cut” is the Italian project’s debut album featuring none songs and available as a very limited CD format.

Content: “Cut” is a work that directly evokes good-old souvenirs from the new-wave decade. The songs are into pure vintage electronics. The sound has something cold, a bit raw and definitely minimal-like while driven by a rather slow tempo. This is the kind of music evoking a band like Linea Aspera for its melancholia and minimalism, but still for some of the melody lines. There also is a song featuring female guest vocals by ‘DonTToxique’.

+ + + : eNIB is pure nostalgia and yet not only a copy of 80s electro-wave music. It’s retro-electronic music with a refreshing touch on top. The synth lines have this good-old magic smell, but still featuring a surprising and thrilling touch. I like the tracklist, which is progressively revealing its best cuts; things getting more interesting right in the midst with the title song followed by “Lost” and “Devourer”. But the best is yet to come and here refer to “Intruder” featuring DonTToxique and the last song of the album “Savour”, which is truly a apotheosis.  

– – – : I can’t say that the beginning songs are worse, but just a little hesitant so you need a few cuts to discover the real potential of this work.

Conclusion: eNIB is a cool surprise and I can only encourage this artist to move on his exploration of minimal-electronic music, which will appeal to the 80s lovers among us.

Best songs: “Savour”, “Intruder”, “Lost”, “Devourer”, “Cut”.

Rate: (8).


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