Electro Spectre – Dangerous Game 2018 Re-Work (CD Album – Razgrom Music)

By Jun 19,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: Originally released in 2012, the album “Dangerous Game” confirmed the strong potential Electro Revealed at their debut full length “Watch It All Turn”. Originally released on Crab Key records, Electro Spectre duo Isak Rypdal – Alexander Björneboe reworked the original tracklist. A limited edition has been licensed to Razgrom featuring 5 extra songs.

Content: Electro Spectre definitely belongs to the ‘cream’ of electro-pop music although this band never gained a deserved world-wide recognition. This album doesn’t set electro-pop music alight, but it reveals great songwriting and a brilliant sound production. Most of the songs are danceable and catchy featuring a few alluring choruses. Sometimes dreamy and later on harder and danceable this work had a lot to offer, and also has an amazing potential today.

Among the bonus tracks you’ll find a live version of “Dancing Girl” and several remixes.

+ + + : The global production process is ultra professional. This is high-tech synth-pop music guided by a talented vocalist and genius songwriting. The songs feature a natural elegance. This is an opportunity to re-discover some of the band’s early hits such as “Dancing Girl” and “Tokyo Shuffle”. My personal favorite one is “America” for its harder approach. Among the bonus cuts I especially recommend the groovy-dance “Mudman Remix” of “Tokyo Shuffle”.

– – – : Speaking for myself “Dangerous Game” was not my favorite album although it remains a great electro-pop trip.

Conclusion: There are some albums I absolutely like to re-discover and this ‘re-worked’ versions with bonuses is absolutely essential.

Best songs: “America”, “Dancing Girl”, “Works Keeps Turning”, “The Bell”, “Tokyo Shuffle – Mudman Remix”.

Rate: (7½).

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