Electric Uranus & X-Navi:Et – Voices Of The Cosmos III (Album – Beast Of Prey – Eter Records)

By May 18,2021

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Experimental.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: This album is the third installment between Polish projects Electric Uranus and X-Navi:Et. “Voices Of The cosmos III” was already released in 2019 and features eight tracks.

Content: The title of the work also indicates the main influences and in a way noise sources. All the tracks are featuring sounds and noises taken from radio telescopes mixed with Electronic manipulations. The result is a unique ambient format, which also has a strong Experimental appeal. Boiling sounds, sweeping effects, icy tones, monstrous noises, but also typical astral atmospheres and effects are the main essence of this work.

+ + + : I first of all want to say a word about the great, artistic artwork of this digipak, a physical format having that more than digital stuff. But you of course don’t only buy music because of the artwork. Both artists create something unique if you compare the work with classical Dark-Ambient and Cinematographic music, but it mainly reflects this album is much more than a ‘classical’ work. It all feels like resulting from sound scientists active in a sonic lab and getting different noises and radio telescope sounds accessible. They’ve put in into a molt to obtain an enjoyable and fascinating work. The global atmosphere is dark, sometimes mysterious and mainly featuring great sound treatments.

– – – : The album is missing a true apotheosis in sound although I can’t say there’s any single cut to throw away.

Conclusion: “Voices Of The Cosmos” feels like an accessible Experimental work.

Best songs: “White Dwarf Dance”, “Luna”, “Magnestospheric Chorus”.

Rate: (7).


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