Dimitri Berzerk feat. Franco Doglioli – My Love Is Electric / Club Mixes (Vinyl EP – Sector Industrial Producciones)

By Oct 3,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, dance-pop.

Background/Info: Next to the “My Love Is Electric”-single and the “Remixes”-CD EP Dimitri Berzerk also released a vinyl with “Club Mixes”. This disc in neon pink color has been limited to 250 copies and features eight songs.

Content: The title song and the B-side track “Nowhere Girl” has been featured as a 12” Version. We next get remixes by Frozen Plasma, Vyrtual Zociety, Eloquent, Elektrostaub and Modelo De Placer. All these bands were still featured at the “Remixes”-EP, but the remixes here are different and globally speaking more dancefloor/club driven.

We also get a remix of the title song by 89St, which was not featured at the “Remixes”-release.

+ + + : Speaking for myself, I definitely prefer this “Club Mixes”-work, which is more danceable. The remixes aren’t that much different, but the little details make the difference. I like the remixes by Frozen Plasma and Elektrostaub while the 12” Version of “Nowhere Girl” is a cool song. The picture color vinyl looks pretty cool as well and is food for DJ’s.

– – – : “My Love Is Electric” counts an impressive list of remixes, which are spread over both EP’s. I know what to hear more original songs from Dimitri Berzerk.

Conclusion: I personally prefer this EP instead of the “Remixes”-edit. There are a few songs that will move you to dance!

Best songs: “My Love Is Electric – Frozen Plasma Remix”, “My Love Is Electric – Elektrostaub Remix”, “My Love Is Electric – 12” Version”, “Nowhere Girl – 12” Version”.

Rate: (7½).

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