Different State – Enormous Components Of Motor Unit Vol.1 (CD Album – Zoharum)

By Jul 3,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental,  industrial, dark-cinematographic.

Background/Info: Marek Xavier Marchoff set up Different State in 1992 and can look back at an impressive discography. This new album is the first one in seven years so it in a way is a kind of return for Different State.

Content: It’s not an easy thing to seize the music if Different State. There’re so many influences running through the work, it’s not easy it all to define the sound. There clearly is an experimental taste supporting most of the songs, and which also comes back at some vocal parts. Electronics and real instruments have been used. The second part of the work is more consistent revealing a kind of early experimental/industrial touch reminding me of Psychic TV. The songs become more industrial-like featuring deep bass and slow rhythms.

+ + + : First of all the CD version reveals a great and original artwork, a kind of hexagon format in digipak. Sound-wise Different State has something proper and original, but also a bit retro-like reminding me of early industrial/experimental releases. Both last cuts are worthy of examination. I also enjoyed the more psychedelic-like “Mental” featuring guitar parts and sexy vocal parts.

– – – : The coherence is not always easy to find between all songs while the experimental approach makes it hardly accessible.

Conclusion: Different State doesn’t care about established standards, but simply follows his own music instinct.

Best songs: “Mental”, “An Absolute Necessity”, “Effector (Zenial)”.

Rate: (6½).


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