DaGeist – Sexy (CD Album – Danse Macabre Records)

By Aug 5,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro cold-wave, new-wave.

Background/Info: DaGeist exists of Davide Schiavoni (vocals/compositions) and Frédéric Strzelczyk (bass guitar). The band was originally founded in 2008 in Lille (France) and released 1 album (“40”) before, on the same label.

Content: First track (and single) “Virgin” is a calm song that brings a very melancholic sphere because of the contrast between the light synths and low bass-lines. “Just Like You” and “So Cold So Dark So New” are both built on typical cold-wave basslines with atmospheric synths in the chorus. “Truth” is a very good song with especially a very nice voice of Davide on it. “I Am Alone” is for me for sure the best song of the album, it has a lot of true passion in it and could become a dancefloor-classic in clubs. The uptempo “Don’t Close Your Eyes” has a very catchy chorus and a funky riff that reminded me on Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You”, while the very danceable “Kiss Or Kill” reminded me a bit on New Order. On “Broken” the music and words sound both very emotional and sad. “Ciel De Cendres” is an uptempo song with this time lyrics in French. The music on “Curse” sounds a little bit like And One meets Diary of Dreams and has the extra female guest-vocals of Kelly on it. “Vampire” has a very poppy undertone while the last song “Roberto” is very much based on synths and dedicated to the father of singer Davide.

+ + + : 12 tracks of emotional, melancholic and dark music, brought in a modern style. The combination of the synths and bass-guitar sounds very good.

– – – : The production of some songs could here and there be better. The long repeating high voice on some songs might be a bit annoying after a while for some people.

Conclusion: DaGeist is for sure one of the better new bands in this scene. “Sexy” has some very nice songs on it and breaths the spirit of modern new-wave.

Best songs: “Virgin”, “Truth”, “I Am Alone”, “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, “Kiss Or Kill”, “Broken”, “Curse”.

Rate: (8) WH.

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